With 40-plus years of combined experience, Reel Quest Films brings your vision to life through inspiring storytelling and captivating cinematography.

Founders Jerry Monkman and Ryan Smith have dedicated their careers to communicating ideas that strive for a more sustainable world, and they are passionate about working with organizations and brands that do the same.

Your Team

Reel Quest Films Owner Jerry Monkman

Jerry Monkman

Jerry boasts a remarkable 25-year career as a producer of books, photographs, and films. Throughout his journey, he has served a diverse range of clients, including nonprofit organizations, editorial publications, and commercial enterprises. In 1993, Jerry, along with his wife Marcy, established EcoPhotography LLC, renowned for its exceptional stock imagery and assignment photography. In 2022, he further expanded his creative endeavors by co-founding Reel Quest Films alongside Ryan.

Jerry’s literary prowess shines through his ten published books, which have garnered significant recognition, including two National Outdoor Book Awards. His photographic talents have also garnered numerous accolades, notably the prestigious Mission Award from the North American Nature Photography Association. Highlighting his enduring impact, a March 2020 feature in Yankee Magazine aptly remarked, “Over the past 25 years, Monkman has captured timeless imagery of New England.” Jerry’s expertise has been sought after in various media outlets, as he has made notable appearances on television shows and podcasts, most recently showcasing his knowledge on the esteemed B&H Photography Podcast.



Reel Quest Films Owner Jerry Monkman

Reel Quest Films Owner Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Ryan has dedicated over two decades to the art of storytelling within the realm of communication-based services. Drawing on his diverse skill set in graphic design, writing, photography, and film, he has consistently amplified the mission and messaging of his clients through various creative avenues.

As the founder of Rooted in Light Media, Ryan sought to integrate his profound understanding of branding and compelling content development into a venture that could deliver more. Recognizing the unprecedented impact of film in today’s world, he joined forces with Jerry to establish Reel Quest Films. Through this collaborative effort, their aim is to empower organizations in enhancing their identity, driving positive change, and effectively engaging their target audience. Alongside these endeavors, Ryan is deeply committed to fostering enduring relationships that strengthen communities and contribute to the betterment of the environment.

Reel Quest Films has committed to donating 1% of our gross sales to environmental organizations.

1% for the Planet


Our Services


– Pre-production (conceptualization, production planning, storyboarding, site scouting, script writing)

– Production (interviews, b-roll, drone videography, lighting)

– Post-Production (video editing, color-grading, sound mixing, voiceover)


Graphic Design


Drone Photography and Videography

Event Photography and Videography